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Marathon Box on FacebookYou may well be wondering why I’ve put this page in and the answer is that I’m clearly not as observant as you and have therefore not seen the content/chapter/list of previous posts which is presumably somewhere on here…

Wasn’t It A Lovely Day The Day We Went To Bangor(With That Guy Off Shameless)

The one were I accidentally made a guy off Shameless think we were mates and then had to sit on a train with him for an hour. 29/10/12

iPhone 5 Day

A minute by minute account of me taking delivery of my brand new Apple iPhone 5, with graphite box and free Apple stickers. 24/9/12

MB: The College Years – Things That Are Shit

Following the discovery of a long forgotten manuscript, Marathon Box takes you, the reader, on an emotional rollercoaster through the traumatic life of an 18 1/2 year old in 1997. 15/9/12

Insert Title Here (Alternatively just write a load of nonsense about Dragons Den, Rick Astley and the S-Project)

A classic no sleeperer. MB discovers the “Random Blog Generator” during the wee small hours and answers many of the great questions of our time. 29/6/12

All You Really Need To Know About… History And That

The first of MB’s world famous revision guides, specifically all the important stuff from the past century without any of the fillers, guff and nonsense teachers try and tell you to justify their stress levels. 21/5/12

Vegetarianism: A Study

A scientifical study into the rise of evil through vegetarianism. 17/4/12

A Special Relationship: A Swingers Guide To British And American History

Would be called “The First Lady Fit List”, but that would be the most misleading name for anything ever. Seriously, since the beginning of time.  26/3/12


The one where MB selflessly comes to the aid of the worlds lazy students. 18/1/12

The A***** W*** Memorial Fan Club

The one about the brilliant sentences, the NHS and Auntie Joshie. 10/1/12

MB’s Yule Blog

The Box’s festive offering, featuring Joe Nazareth, Denis Thatcher and Alfie Moon. 25/12/11

The Short (Hopefully) Ramble Because The Child Has Me Pinned Bolt Upright In Bed Blog 

The six month review and Dr Glasson. 22/11/11

Louisa Glasson – The Musical (and other guilty pleasures)

The one about Doyle’s love for Louisa Glasson and Little Joshie singing Les Miserables. 15/11/11

Football, Booze & Birds – Confessions Of A Closet Birdwatcher

The one where a birdwatcher attempted to shoot MB down on bird knowledge purely because MB is young and hip. 14/11/11

When Is A Cash Machine Not A Cash Machine?

The one where MB takes on the might of the world banking system and proves that whilst you can take our local branches, you will never take our freedom. 14/10/11

The Box List – Things To Do Before You Give Up And Start Wearing Beige

MB’s Bucket List. 30/9/11

Facebook – An Idiot’s Guide

Top 10 tips for “closer to middle age but still hip and trendy, with so much left to give” types who want to enjoy Facebook responsibly. 20/9/11

Medicated Follower Of Fashion – Part One: Nappy Jeans

In the first of MB’s long awaited fashion blogs, The Box tackles nappy jeans, hooker boots and Nazi chic. 12/7/11

wtf r u 🙂 about?

The Box discusses the link between txtspk and the resulting destruction of the planet by the Xorgons. 29/6/11

Kids Sun Visor To Jazz Weekender – The Road To Depravity

The one where MB makes sweeping generalisations about baby owners, jazzers and children’s sun visors. 7/6/11

A Revised Syllabus For Baby School

MB’s invaluable guide for new and soon to be new baby owners. 21/5/11

Henry VIII – Unlucky In Love

The one where MB explains the truth behind the Tudor Diana’s torrid affairs of the heart using the classic Beale/Mitchell Rating. 18/5/11

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Our hero’s debut blog. 10/5/11

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