To blog or not to blog!

…clearly that is no longer ‘the’ question, or even ‘a’ question, essentially it’s… lets move on.
I wonder how many reluctant, but potentially enthusiastic, bloggerists have begun their blogging career with that title? But, as I am reluctant yet potentially enthusiastic (possibly), why not? Frankly any forum for passing the night away when your Facebook friends are asleep (or worse, are still out partying, putting on hip, cool, youth,(but above all) drunk statii and making you feel old, out of touch and, (above all) sober even though there’s not enough money in the world that could tempt you out at this ridiculous time of the morning) (I fear, if I actually take to this bloggingness the “long bracket” will become a trademark and probably very annoying facet, it’s the written equivalent of the equally annoying “long tangent” which makes every anecdote I share take a week to tell, and briefly gained me the nickname Bob, originating from Sideshow Bob, at an old job… just done it again) is fine by me*.

Anyway, yeah, sooooo… don’t really know what’s meant to happen now but as my facebook family (that’s a really creepy term now I’ve thought about it, particularly when I reckon I’ve never spoken to half of The Box’s ‘friends’ in real life, never mind eh, probably no creepier than the ‘Like’ button, which only isn’t called the ‘I’m watching you’ button because nobody’s come up with a smiley equivalent of the sinister serial killer voice that it would have to be typed in) have all gone to bed and I’m wide awake. So it’s this or trouncing another American at iPhone scrabble. Incidentally, if anyone ever wanted to put forward a good argument for funding more research into insomnia I think they could do a lot worse than making objectors play ‘Words With Friends’ at 4am. iDiots. (The key with that game is when you stumble across the intelligent American you must, at all costs, keep them. I had two on the go until recently, but had to drop one when they sent a ‘private message’ to compliment a word, a 60 pointer, which in itself is crossing a line, but worse still it was in txtspk… on a spelling/vocabulary game. Is nothing sacred?).

Anyway… only intended on putting on a cheery ‘Hello’ post to start with so I could find out how it works and instead have typed away about absolutely nothing for twenty minutes… and not sure if the whole ‘cheery’ aspect shines through either (I felt this was important because I suspect the general tone from here on will be, at best, grumpy, as this is my natural state when lying awake at night as the rest of the world sleeps and recharges their inner chipperness). I suppose the get out of jail free card here would be a ‘smiley’ or perhaps an ‘LOL’. But then I would be someone who puts ‘smiley’s’ or ‘LOL’ and frankly that’s a line (like the Words ‘private message’ thing) that I’m not prepared to cross.
Gonna stop now as, bizarre but true, The Wife’s water just broke!

*Yeah, the confused and lonely couple of words following the “long bracket” will probably be another feature, but at least you can scroll back up the page to find the beggining of the sentence. If this offends, I apologise but spare a thought for those engaged in a “conversation” with me, because that’s when tangent man really shines!

So… just found this on my phone from two nights ago, thought I ought to ‘post’ it, kind of half remember typing but I was in that zombied state that only the true insomniac can ever understand. Quite like the fact I had time to add the waters breaking line, although I genuinely don’t know when I did. For the record we had a little girl!

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4 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog!

  1. 2far

    Amazing. And all this typed out on an iPhone?

    • Yeah, it’s amazing how quickly you learn to play to an iPhones strengths, and until they invent a “Use Your iPhone As A Telephone That Actually Works” App, I shall continue to be a demon texter, e-mailer and general typer.

  2. welshcabby

    Well what an interesting read and I will continue to follow the progress of the box as I suffer from the same problem

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